Fresh Aircraft

We provide new or newly overhauled helicopters including a full factory guarantee.

R22 Expenses

Lessor Expenses: Any mandatory AD parts, Equipment upgrades, 2,200 hr. Overhaul, county property tax. School Expenses: Insurance, Fuel, Oil, Ramp Fees, Cleaning, Maintenance, Parts, Labor.

R22 Lease

The flight school pays all operating expenses including fuel. Eric Spitzer pays for the 2,200 hour overhaul and property taxes.  Lease prices are based on configuration and age of ship. For new customers, a deposit is required.

R22 Usage

Minimum Usage is 100 hours per any contiguous three month period. Less than 100 hours total in any three month period will cancel the contract and the ship will be called home. More than 50 hours per month makes the lease profitable for the school.  Reporting day for usage is the 10th of the month following usage.