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Law Enforcement: Leasing Helicopters for Your Agency

Since their main production during WWII, helicopters have drastically moved out of a confined box of uses. Being a machine of war is not the only thing they are good for and people have since discovered other ways to utilize these aircraft. Many local businesses have taken to leasing helicopters. And though aerial touring businesses and Hollywood are leasing out helicopters, the government is still a very prominent customer. A question arises within certain departments on cost-effectiveness and value, but ultimately, a helicopter is a huge investment. The cost of purchasing a helicopter is not, as the saying goes, a pretty penny. This is why it’s beneficial for law enforcement to lease a helicopter—and why many do.

Helping the Mission
Why do law enforcement agencies have helicopters? A lot has to do with the capabilities of a helicopter. Helicopters can provide an emergency response, perform patrol duties, provide back up in dire situations, and can cover pursuits with a wider range than a police car can. With this scope of helicopter operations, it’s easy to see why law enforcement would need a helicopter (or two) on their side. Having a helicopter literally gives you a different perspective. You’ve seen the movies—the helicopter shines the light and is able to find the person of interest in a tiny alley that police cars couldn’t get into.

With any kind of vehicle purchase, the cost is a huge consideration. Not only do you want to purchase something affordable, but you also need to consider the maintenance and storage, amongst other factors. The same thing is applicable to a helicopter. This is also why many don’t purchase a helicopter. Many leasing companies make having a helicopter attainable. We can provide you the knowledge to maintain upkeep on the helicopter, as well as pay for the county property taxes. It's one expense that you won't have to worry about. And with law enforcement having to consider taxpayer dollars, this makes for a positive argument. 

Models to Lease for Law Enforcement 
When it comes to choosing a model for an agency, the model should be the last point of discussion. But, when you’re leasing from us, you get the very best in the industry. We only use Robinson Helicopters, a trusted and experienced manufacturer. Our Robinson R22 or R44 helicopters are great, versatile aircraft. When it comes to law enforcement, or any other company or entity, we only provide the best machines to fly.

Filling a wide range of needs and missions, helicopters for law enforcement have been a steady thing because of their capabilities. Take a look at our website or give us a call today to learn more about leasing a formidable helicopter for your business.

Robinson Helicopter Lease—Reasons Why This is the Best Option

The Robinson Helicopter Company has built an extraordinary flying machine. They are a popular choice when it comes to helicopter tour companies and eager pilots in search of something for a prospective business. The downside to this is that while many businesses want to own their own helicopter, the reality is very gloomy. Helicopters are expensive and a long-term investment. This is why it is a better option to lease your helicopter. A Robinson helicopter lease is something you can do with us.

Leasing vs. Buying
One of the more prominent reasons why businesses are, and should, lease a helicopter, is cost. There’s no other way to say it: Helicopters are expensive. That is why not everyone has their own helicopter for their business. They are a luxury asset that is purchased/leased after a lot of consideration and talks to your bank. Having the leasing option gets your business running faster. This also gives you flexibility. Over a certain time period, you can lease a top model helicopter, without the responsibility of any long-term contracts or need to sell in the future. Buying your own helicopter could easily run you up to upwards of a million dollars, depending on model and size. That isn’t even including the cost of fuel and regular maintenance. That may not look like a good business expense. Or it just might not be a smart option for your business.


Terms and Conditions
These are good to note. As we said, leasing gives you flexibility in the world of obtaining a helicopter for your business. In a typical three-month period, it’s important to note that the hours flown are a big factor. Flying less than a certain number of hours in three months wouldn't really be beneficial to your business.   You want to get the most out of what you're paying for. Further, there are different guidelines for the models we lease. Take for example the R22. When you’re leasing the R22 model, we suggest you fly it for more than 100 hours in any contiguous three-month period.  For many, that makes sense. Usually, as a business, you’re easily going to be flying the helicopter for much more than that.  With the R44 model, we suggest flying it for a minimum of  20 hours per month.


Lease Your Helicopter from Us
Leasing from us means fewer expenses. That’s great news for you and your business. How does this happen? We pay for all the upgrades the helicopter may need. We also pay for a 2,200-hour overhaul and county property taxes. Already, that’s taken a lot of your payment. Another important thing to note is that payments are configured based on the age of the aircraft. For returning business, no down payment is needed. Payments and flight reports can all be handled online

Now, a few things to know about the possible models you can lease from us.

Robinson R22 Model
The Robinson R22 model is a two-bladed, single-engine light utility aircraft. This two-seater has been in production since 1979 when it was first built by Frank Robinson. If you don’t have any plans on carrying more people besides you and one other person, then this is the model for you. Though it is an enclosed cabin, the doors may be taken off. This is usually done to benefit photography or if you want to decrease the weight by 10.4 pounds. Think of it as the Jeep of aircrafts. This is for a more particular experience. Having only enough room for one other person besides the pilot, this will garner the attention of photographers, other media, and others planning on seeing an area by themselves.  

Robinson R44 Model
This is the Robinson R22’s roomier brother. Whereas the R22 only sat two people, this one can comfortably seat four. Another great feature is its hydraulically assisted flight controls. This model of the Robinson has also been the world’s best selling general aviation (GA) helicopter since 1999. It’s a prestigious title for an aircraft that’s only been in production since 1992. As with the R22, the R44 is also a two-bladed, single-engine aircraft. What differs, besides the number of seats, is that the tail rotor rotates in the opposite direction, improving the yaw control authority, which means the wind turbines also face the wind.


Making Sense
No matter which model you choose on leasing, you should definitely plan on leasing one. For any business continuously needing to fly ahead, this is a viable option for you. Your business likely isn’t going to need just one helicopter for the clients you have. Now, with helicopter leasing, it would make more sense than buying, to have several helicopters or options for your business. It would be a better business expense to lease those instead of buying and maintaining them yourself. Often, hiring a third party like us to supply your business results in better, quality care and upgrades in the future. We would be able to service and provide for your business while you provide a unique tour and experience for your customers. It’s a win-win.


We have an easy way to apply online and we are available for any of the questions you might have. Leasing a helicopter is a smarter way to shop and a smarter way to get by. With over 30 years of service, it’s no wonder people keep coming back to us. Let us help your company and check something off your list.

The World’s First Helicopter: A History in Flight

Have you ever stopped to think, “When did helicopters become a ‘thing’”? When you look up and see a helicopter, you’re probably not thinking about this question. You might be thinking that it’s for government use or that someone is ranking up flight hours. But, the history of the helicopter is quite fascinating. Nowadays, we have become so accustomed to different technology and everyday occurrences, that we don’t stop to marvel at anything anymore. Our curiosity of inventions has become a quick come-and-go thought if it doesn’t involve our phones. But, let us take you for a spin on the adventurous story of the world's first helicopter.

Flight on the Brain
In the world of Google, we can easily access the question of when helicopters became an advanced tool that we used. Sure, you could pull up a date when it was first put into production, but the story of how it became leads all the way to 400 BC in China. No—China did not construct anything that allowed them to fly. They were an advanced society, but not that advanced society, but not that advanced. They did, however, construct a bamboo flying toy composed of a stick and a bamboo rotor. Once children spun the top and let go, the toy would fly up into the air. This model and science have been referenced ever since. In 1754, Russians developed a small device modeled after this Chinese top. In 1783, it was again referenced in France.

Taking (Slight) Flight
With steam power being popular with inventor during the 1860s, an Italian inventor powered his unnamed vehicle with a steam engine. The vehicle rose to 39 feet, hovered for 20 seconds and then grounded itself. Fast forward to 1901 in Berlin, where Hermann Ganswindt’s helicopter made a slight flight into the air carrying passengers. It is noted as probably the first motor-driven flight carrying humans. Around the same time, Thomas Edison was producing his own experiments towards a flying machine. After years of trials, it was in 1908 that he finally patented his own design for a gasoline-powered helicopter. Unfortunately, it never flew.

Baby Strides
Inventors all over the world were trying to come up with ways to build a successful flight machine. Experimentation was key during these times. Jacques and Louis Breguet, two brothers from France, were able to fly their Gyroplane 1 in 1907 up to two feet for a whole minute. This flight is considered to be the first manned flight, but it was very unsteady. Another Frenchman, Paul Cornu, built his Cornu helicopter that flew up to 6.5 feet. But, he quickly abandoned the model after it failed to remain steady. Nonetheless, these were incredible feats being conducted early in our time.

World’s First Helicopter
Finally, in 1939, we got the world’s first functioning helicopter. The aircraft was designed by Igor Sikorsky. Built by the Vought-Sikorsky Aircraft Division of the United Aircraft Corporation, the helicopter was also the first to use a single main rotor and tail rotor design. Not unlike the helicopters that came before it, it took several trials to get it in the air. But, the concepts used in the VS-300 model swiftly became the basis for the first production and the standard for the manufacturing of them across the world. And where did this happen to take place? Here in the United States, in Connecticut. If you’d like to view this awesome piece of history, it’s on display at the Henry Ford Museum.

Helicopters weren’t immediately available for us ordinary people to use. In fact, they were used for World War II. They were used for observation, transport and medical evacuation in Nazi Germany. Not only in the hands of the enemy, but the Allied Forces also used helicopters for the extensive bombing to prevent Germany from producing a large number of helicopters. Because of their ability to fly laterally, carry supplies and ease into different locations, they were a prime tool to have during the war.

Civilian Use
Igor Sikorsky built several different models of helicopters, mostly used for the military. However, the Bell 47 model was the first developed and certified for civilian use in the United States. This model became the most popular for nearly 30 years. We now use them for search and rescue missions, photography, construction, news and media, and many others.


And Now…
Now, the uses and demand for helicopters have expanded. Many businesses need them for several reasons and that is why our company started. The evolution of the helicopter is a fascinating tale of ingenuity and perseverance over time. We think back to the models first inspired by a Chinese design, and the simplicity of what it has become is not far from it. We have grown and our needs have changed. Though we’re not fighting a world war, our need for helicopters is still prevalent. We lease these amazing machines so that your business is able to have easy access to them. That way, we can help you grow your business and accomplish new feats.

The engine and the body of the helicopter have become a very sophisticated thing. And the next time that you look up to spot one flying ahead, you can now understand the trials and inventors throughout the time that worked to create it.

A quick understanding of history allows us to appreciate our product and what it took to get where it is. We provide helicopters from the Robinson Helicopter Company. These are the models that are now ranked top in the world. Find out more from contacting us today.