Spitzer Helicopter Leasing

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"Our business would not exist without the quality service and support provided by Spitzer Helicopter Leasing in building and establishing our helicopter flight school and aerial tours. As we expand our school and offerings, Spitzer is always our first call!"

- Seth

"As a medium sized operator in the helicopter flight school and commercial aviation business in Southern California - one of the busiest airspaces in the world it was without hesitation we've chosen Spitzer Leasing for all our helicopter needs. With an abundance of choice in the helicopter fleet of Robinson R22 Beta II's, R44 Raven & Clipper models and forward thinking with the addition Guimbal G2 available, Spitzer Leasing is at the forefront of the leasing market. Having operated for years leasing over 10 aircraft the customer service as always been instantaneous and coordination of aircraft executed seamlessly for smooth operations. We will continue to use Spitzer Leasing for all helicopter activities now and in the future."

- Mark Robinson, CEO & Chief Pilot. EatSleepFly®

"We have been working with Spitzer Helicopter Leasing for over 5 years and have nothing but great things to say! The helicopters are always in excellent condition (exterior & interior). Our fleet is comprised of SHL Helicopters and would not choose anyone else to work with."

- Jeff

"Hi all, my Name  is Mike J Pirot owner of Garden State Helicopters. Here’s how my story starts. Hi Mr Spitzer I’d like to lease a Robinson Beta two from your company. There’s only one thing, I’m a low time CFI and I’m going to open a brand new flight school at Lincoln Park New Jersey N07.  I was prepared for that’s great kid good luck. To my surprise Eric asked me what type of ship would I like mid time or low time and proceeded to give me lease rates for both.  He also recommended a few insurance companies I could call. Once a secured the insurance for the aircraft, his leasing agreement is very straight forward with no hidden gotchas. I know because after having my lawyers look it over they told me they were going to lunch early. It’s almost 4 years later and Eric always answers the phone and his assistant Mindy is top notch. If your in the market to lease a Robinson helicopter I’d put Spitzer leasing as you 1st call."

- Mike J Pirot, Owner of Garden State Helicopters (845) 702-2779

"Eric is an incredible person and a true professional.  Spitzer Helicopter Leasing made it possible for use to start our helicopter tour business here in Jacksonville Florida.  His ship has performed remarkable.  We have no complaints as Eric is transparent and very easy to talk to.  You will find the process to be smooth and easy from signing of the contract to working with Jim at Sevier County Choppers helicopter maintenance facility at time of pickup."

- Luis  Director of Flight Operations