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Lease From An Experienced Helicopter Leasing Company

If you are looking for an experienced helicopter leasing company, lease a working helicopter for your aviation project from Spitzer Helicopter Leasing. We have some of the world's finest aircraft made by the Robinson Helicopter Company. Contact us today find out more about a helicopter that's just right for your particular requirements.


Lease one of the popular Robinson R22 or R44 helicopters. If you are considering a Robinson helicopter lease, learn all about these great, versatile aircraft by reading the R22 Brochure and the R44 Brochure.

Check out the Robinson Helicopter Company.

Lessor Expenses

We pay mandatory AD parts, equipment upgrades, 2200-hour overhaul, and county property tax. The flight school pays insurance, fuel, oil, ramp fees, cleaning, maintenance, and labor. Helicopter lease prices are based on configuration and the age of the aircraft. For new customers, a deposit is required.


The minimum usage in an R22 helicopter is 100 hours per any contiguous three-month period. Less than 100 hours total in any three-month period will cancel the contract, and the aircraft will be called home.

Minimum usage in an R44 helicopter is 20 hours per month. Reporting day for usage for both R22 and R44 is the 10th of the month following the month being reported.

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